President's Greetings

Excellence is our specialty.

NAHSE Detroit is dedicated to our community, education, career development, partnership and development with key healthcare stakeholders with the Detroit Metropolitan region.  We strive to develop programs and projects to improve quality, access and availability of health services to disadvantaged communities. 


NAHSE’s mission and purpose is to ensure greater participation of minority groups in the health field. Its basic objective is to develop and maintain a strong viable national body to more effectively have input in the national health care delivery system. It has provided a vehicle for Blacks to effectively participate in the design, direction and delivery of quality health care to all people.  Allowing me the opportunity to serve as your Chapter President for Detroit NAHSE, allows me the ability to continue the works of our NAHSE ancestors.  Welcome to Detroit NAHSE!



Valerie A. Gunn, MBA

Group Practice Director

Division of Vascular Surgery, Cardiac Surgery

and Thoracic Surgery

Department of Surgery